HEY ! It’s Boarding time

In 2016, I wanted to try something new, I had really never traveled before, I booked a ticket and went to England , my first destination. I loved this first time and set my goal ”see the world”, for now I have seen many places but didn’t reach my goal yet and just want to continue to explore the world.

Traveling is another school of life, it opens your mind, helps you grow up and teaches you so much. 

“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have traveled.” – Mohammed

Always want to see a new place, I’m constantly moving when it’s possible, I hate routine and no one ever knows where I am.
Then “ Where is Danielle? ” is a blog to show you where I have been, to help you see the world by sharing humbly my feelings, opinions and advices for all my experiences. You can live them as well. Will also post a lot about my lifestyle. Really hope make you happy here.

Now pepare your passport to discover my life in the air and LET’S GO!