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My Playlist of the week

Music is part of my daily life, It wakes me up and makes me sleep, heals my pains, I take shower with, makes me happy, sad and fly.
For those who already follow me on social medias, you may have noticed that I don’t listen one kind of music. I can appreciate music of all generations and I’m always looking for good songs. 

Where do I discover my songs? I Always use my SoundHound (like Shazam) when I’m watching series or when I like a song outside, I also get songs on social medias or when a friend share with me…

Every week I have different songs I love and listen a lot, I decided to share my playlist of this week. Hope you find something you can like because I don’t always have new songs and I really have a musical taste very different from all young people.

# PARADISE CIRCUS – Massive Attack

I didn’t know Massive Attack till I watched the series “Luther” with Idriss Elba, then I shazam the theme song. It’s a British group from Bristol. Their music style is the Trip hop define like a slow hip hop and incorporates different other styles. This song has been released 9 years ago, the sexy voice + scary music that I want to listen when I’m lying down or just chilling. 



# THUNDERCLOUDSSia, Diplo, Labyrinth, LSD

I think everybody know Sia with “Chandelier“. She has a lot of good songs with her beautiful voice. Thunderclouds is a dance pop song with Diplo in feat with the DJ and LSD group. Thunderclouds in a love relationship.



# GLORY BOX – Portishead 

Glory box is very famous with the chorus “Give me a reason to love you” It’s a kind of soft and slow song released in 1994 by Portishead, a Trip hop Band. People says Many kids have been born because of this song, its a very sexy and sensual song. The singer complaining of a difficult love but continues suffering with this man who hurts her.




One of my favorite song, this song has a lot versions by many different singers. This week I found that Gregory Porter, a Jazz singer I like to listen released his version this year with Nat King Cole, you will love it if you know the “The girl from Ipanema“. By the way, I’m very disapointed, I didn’t get a ticket for his concert in Paris.



Doris Day 

Doris Day is an American singer of Pop in 20s, she is like my granma hahah, I love all of her songs, she has a golden voice. Was really sad because she died this year but she left us a pack of precious songs. I see yout face before me because you crowd my every dream and always see you before me when I wake up



The Rolling Stones

You know The Rolling Stones? I am sure, I don’t need to tell you more! but I got the song in a French Advertising longtime ago.

# HEAVENJulia Michaels

I like to put this while taking shower, don’t know why , love the ambiance. Julia Michaels is very famous now, she has very beautiful voice. “All good boys go to heaven, but bad boys bring heaven to you”



# MINE Bazzi

Another song for shower and when I prepare me, I fucking love the song. My fav part “You so fuckin’ precious when you smile“, really think he’s singing for me. Its a Pop, RnB song.




An old song pop song of 1969 by two Americans and songwriters has been hit of Peggy Lee, an American jazz singer. I love this song and listen it for weeks now, it’s very different from everything I listen Because this song alternates entre narration spoken and the sung chorus. She’s is questioning about life and the song finish with a suicide because she won’t live a big disapointement.




This Dance/Electro song of Zedd make me wonder if I’am Happy. A very beautiful song that will make up happy.

What are listening these days? Do you know one of this previous song?


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